The project:
1000 FIV cats project
a record of FIV+ cats living 'normal' lives

"Real-life FIV"
Collecting owners' experience of FIV cats


The Project - is to document the lives of FIV cats living normal lives in homes across the world - often living together with other cats.

The Purpose - is to show, by way of real-life examples, just what it means to have an FIV cat in your home.

The Method - is for their stories to be told by those who know best - cat lovers who have given homes to FIV cats over the past 20 years or so, making it their 'real-life' experience.

If you want to know what FIV cats are really like -
   this is the place to find out

The target - is to list as many FIV cats as we can locate, we need to get a large number in order for any statistics to have validity, so we feel that a target of 1000 cats would provide that.

We show answers to these questions, which will be of interest to anyone considering giving a home to an FIV cat:

How do you keep your FIV cat?
What do you feed him/her?
Do you give supplements?
What was it like when you first heard about FIV?
Were you worried or have doubts?

If it would help to read about others living with FIV cats, then please look at the stories of those who have so far added their FIV experience to the project.

The project got under way in December 2014 - it may take a while to reach our target of 1000 FIV cats but, in the mean time, the stories are beginning to mount up, every one adding to the depth of experience and information available to be seen - now!

We have set up the results to show each cat with some basic information, and a link to the individual's full details. There is a facility to filter the results shown if you are interested in specific factors: location, household type, feeding choice - the information available will expand and develop as we grow.

For those who would like to see some results, you could quickly view a selection of pages, eg:
Gallery of almost 600 photos of the cats on the project - they all look great!

Basic statistics of the health record of over 800 FIV cats - shows a reassuring picture

and/or detailed accounts of each individual cat on the project - all 800+ of them!

and the form to add your own FIV cat to the project - and photo, hopefully.


We started this project in Dec 2014 and, within a couple of months, received information of several hundred FIV cats. Now we are contacting those early joiners asking for an update for the time since they were added to the project. As these are received, we add the info to their profiles and amend the health graphs and statistics, so we are continually adding extra years of FIV experience to the data.

Building the project both with new cats as well as extra information from existing cats, all helps this project have more value.

Add a cat to project
To add your FIV cat to the project, please use this form

To add a photo of your cat to his/her profile, please email it to us.
Don't worry about size or cropping, we can deal with what you can send - max file size 8Mb please, or we may not receive it!

To update information for your cat's profile, please email us with the information and we will add it to the profile.

If you want to know what FIV cats are really like -
   this is the place to find out

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