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Date of details/update: April 2024

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Cat name:

How does the cat live?:

Single or multicat household:
if multi cat, how many others:

What do you feed your cat?

Do you give any regular supplements?:

When was the cat acquired?

Cat's age when acquired:
What was the cat's condition when acquired?:

What is known of the cat before you acquired him/her?:

Was the cat known to be FIV positive when acquired?:
When was the cat diagnosed FIV positive?:
Why was the cat tested?:

Is the cat living (or passed away)?:

if passed away, how long did you have the cat?:
when did he/she die, and do you know the cause of death?:

How would you describe the cat's general health over the time with you?:

The following are details of the ailments the cat suffered

Health details:

Is there anything more you can tell us about your cat that might help us understand the overall picture?

and finally -
does your experience of FIV match what you were led
to believe when you first heard about the virus ?